Update #3: 7:45pm Eastern Time

Solar Notes: The filaments are sticking around, the sunspots are complexing in more than one group on the earth facing disk. An M flare tonight would not be surprising, although not exactly expected either.

Update #2: 3:55pm Eastern Time

Update #1: 2:15pm Eastern Time

The following are factual statements and recordings of actual public events used to prove a point about how easily this community can be manipulated.

Who is that?
You will recognize this voice as BPEarthMoron… except that first date you heard pre-dates his channel.
It is from MrCometWatch, one of his many previous channels, that are now gone because of the same frauds he is pulling now.
ISON is this, ISON is that, the Pieces are coming like the dragons in Game of Thrones… oh trust him, they are coming.
10s of 1000s trusted him in years past – He continues. Many MrCometWatch videos are still up, but not on youtube – I trust your ability to take it from here if you somehow still watch this annual con artist.
This portion of today’s news page is not protected – share with reckless abandon.
MrC’s old Bullcrap
How does he do it? Should you feel bad if you believe him? When you first wake up, everything seems plausible, and that is what he uses to fool you… you don’t have the understanding of the material and satellites to understand when you are being played… so no, it is not your fault… unless you make poor choices from here. Uncorrected mistakes are the only unforgivable ones.
Regular update to come in a few hours.