Update: 7:50pm Eastern Time – We have a small uptick in the Canary Islands. Two more M flares but no big one yet. This is where we put hope in the solar shutdown.

Update: 5:25pm Eastern Time – Tonight video is free on YouTube due to a fairly serious story.

Earthquake watch score: 6 to 7. All factors holding from yesterday. There has been an unusual uptick in the United States today – both in the central states and on the west coast.

Solar Notes: The video says it all. We can’t diagnose sunspots, we can’t see in 193 or 304 angstroms… and they have been censoring SOHO for months!!! This is why I hit them so hard over that, because without SDO, a perfect Lasco is our best shot at catching danger.

EYES OPEN 0bservers… this is why we’re here. Let’s hope we don’t have to spread any bad news.