Update: 6:32pm Eastern Time

Earthquake Condition Index: B
Coronal Holes: B+ [Southern Negative Coronal Hole Departing, Another Incoming Up North] Planets: B+ [Primary Geometry Becomes Relevant in 24 hours, and rises through the 28th] Spaceweather: B- [No CME impacts yet] Sunspots are not current a factor.

Today’s FOTW was dynamite, one of the best in months. DON’T MISS IT! I also did an interview today with The Grimerica Show, which will air in a few days – I’ll let you know when it is posted.

Mobile Observatory finished up in Louisiana this morning, we’ve just arrived in Canton TX for an overnight stay before our event at Whole Foods tomorrow in Dallas.

Evening News is posted to YouTube (UNLISTED) because Vimeo is being a loser.
LINK>>>>>>>>>>December 20, 2014 Evening News