Update: 7:45pm Eastern Time

This happened moments after I posted the evening news… and it makes no sense. Look at the variation- one of the worst I’ve seen:

2013-12-17 23:38:56.4 5.3 A BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION ZAMG
2013-12-17 23:38:32.0 5.5 A VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION MSO
2013-12-17 23:38:19.9 4.8 A MARIANA ISLANDS REGION NEWS
2013-12-17 23:38:17.9 6.1 A MARIANA ISLANDS REGION GSRC
2013-12-17 23:38:17.3 5.7 A VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION BEO
2013-12-17 23:38:13.7 6.7 A. MARIANA ISLANDS REGION MAD
2013-12-17 23:38:12.7 5.7 A MARIANA ISLANDS REGION BUC
2013-12-17 23:38:11.8 5.3 A MARIANA ISLANDS REGION NEWS
2013-12-17 23:38:11.5 5.7 M MARIANA ISLANDS REGION BUC
2013-12-17 23:38:11.3 6.5 A MARIANA ISLANDS REGION BGSG
2013-12-17 23:38:10.0 5.8 A MARIANA ISLANDS REGION MIX
2013-12-17 23:38:09.9 6.7 M. MARIANA ISLANDS REGION MAD
2013-12-17 23:38:08.5 5.9 A MARIANA ISLANDS REGION GFZ
2013-12-17 23:38:08.3 5.8 M MARIANA ISLANDS REGION NEIC
2013-12-17 23:38:08.0 Moment tensors M# MARIANA ISLANDS REGION MT

Update: 6:00pm Eastern Time

Solar Notes: The central sunspots, the baby ones that just ate that filament… they are the best flare candidate in weeks and it is on US to watch the SDO and SOHO and GONG and Stereo. I am not sure there is a backup for people like you and me right now… and I’m going to go to sleep on time. Anyone willing to watch the sun for the world while our satellites are down?

Earthquake Watch Score: 6 to 7. The coronal fields are closed. ISWA keep crashing my computer but there are no earth facing holes anyway. The pressure under our feet is constantly building and releasing… recently the latter has been lacking. The USGS quotes us around three 6-mag quakes on earth per week.

EPA fraud: http://nypost.com/2013/12/16/scammer-collected-his-epa-pay-while-off-on-bogus-spy-missions/
and this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/another-epa-official-under-investigation-in-cia-scheme/2013/12/11/4a321030-6288-11e3-91b3-f2bb96304e34_story.html