Update: 6:30pm Eastern Time

This is the link to find the coronal field maps. the majority of the day is still missing as of now, but a major field jump is evident. No big quakes. The sun is making me look foolish! 🙂 Quake watch score holds at 6.

Update: 3:30pm Eastern Time

Solar Notes: Classification today is for fun only… I do not share the elevated risk assessment of large flaring the experts are giving. I think we’ll stay low, and if anything, get a high C flare of M1. The most worrisome filament dove for the south pole this morning so there is little concern on any front. Coronal hole stream on the way regardless of quake affect – expect impact in 2-3 days.

Earthquake Watch Score: 6? I can’t tell what to make of those coronal fields. I will re-visit this in a few hours with notes for you guys.