How do I contact Ben (S0) or the other 0bservers? It depends on what you are looking for or what you need. For mail instructions see the bottom section of this page. Over the years, we have seen email traffic skyrocket to more than 1200 received messages per week and often as many as 800 messages sent – and that is just Ben. There are ways to make sure your email goes to the right place and that your most important emails do not become one of the casualties of the system. We absolutely read every email, but have reached the point where we just cannot answer them all.

WHAT WONT WORK: Sending messages on YouTube, writing comments on YouTube, sending messages on Facebook, sending messages on twitter. Use the email and Direct2S0 options below.

PRIORITY – Emails will be answered in the order received, but with certain emails receiving more attention.

Top Priority: Direct2S0 and MEMBERS’ Support

DIRECT2S0 – This page is where members get their dedicated line to the S0 team. We cannot critically read multiple pages of emails about a video you saw or a theory you heard, and we also cannot critique your theory/hypothesis, but if you want to ask a question or get clarification about something on the site, YouTube Channel, or other form of our media, please ask it here.

MEMBERS’ Support –  All membership support requests should be sent to


Make Sure Your Email Gets Where it Needs to Go:

All interview, TV and radio requests should be sent to

All advertising, marketing, promotional matters should be sent to

To stay connected, be sure to ‘friend’ Ben(S0), follow The Mobile Observatory Project, and also follow S0 on twitter for the most important solar and earthquake alerts and warnings.


If you have a link, idea, or video you want to share with the observers? Try of the guys from our weekly podcast Fly on the Wall!

For Billy Yelverton Jr. (Mr2) and the Plasma Lab –

Xaviar Thunders –

Do you want to buy membership or donate to the cause but you Don’t Want To Use PayPal?

You can send in a check for membership, however it is important that you understand the following steps and parts of the process:

– We cannot check the PO box every day, it is simply impractical. Your mail may take a few days to arrive and then a few more before we check the box again. We will email you when your account is ready.
– We cannot send out reminders when accounts are about to expire so you run the risk of lapsed time between the end of this membership and the next one, should you choose to renew. Basically, it will be your responsibility to remember the date you signed up or risk the delay in access.
– When you send a check for a membership, you need to also include an email address and username for the website. They may be the same thing if you wish. You may include a password or I will create one for you. If you do not provide this information it will delay the processing of your membership, especially if all I have is a return address. If the only way we have to contact you for the username/email information is to send you back some snail mail, we will return the check along with it so you don’t wonder what happened to it.
– If you are sending a check from outside the United States, I strongly urge you to avoid frustration and figure out the exchange rate before you write the check. This tip comes from users before you 🙂

There are two discounts you do not get by using a check, and both are functions of what keep our costs low to begin-with:
– First, when you sign up through our online system it locks in your rate for life, meaning that even if we raise membership prices in the future, yours will always stay the same. This will not happen with a check.
– Second, for the convenience of the online ‘hand-off’ process and as a reward for members signing up for recurring memberships online, we factored in a small discount there as well. Based on the time (PO box and Bank) and non-recurring aspect of the membership, we cannot offer the online price when users pay by check. For this reason, when paying by check, an annual membership is $35 and a monthly membership is $5. These prices are slightly higher than what you would pay if you signed up through PayPal.

If you have read and understand the points listed above here, then you can send a check to:

Space Weather News
3301 Coors Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120

(Remember to include an email address and username – WRITE LEGIBLY)

You can also send us mail about just about anything you want, but we can’t read papers and theories and other works that arrive via this method. For inquiries of this nature please contact a team member listed above.