Have you ever seen a comment posted by someone and not known what to make of it? Have you ever wished you could coherently respond to a crazy commenter but can’t find some of the right words? This page has a lot of how I commonly respond to common issues. It should be fairly easy to understand – I state the issues or the question, then I respond.

When will…

…earth’s magnetic field reverse? …the sun take out global power? …our way of life be irreparably harmed by earth changes? …. I don’t know. All we can do is track the signs. Anyone who tells you they have definitive knowledge of the future should be viewed with great suspicion. —Ben ‘S0’

Flat Earth

I have offered to every flat earth group to pay for their own high altitude balloon to prove their claims. This is silly of course, because it costs about $500 and they spend tens of thousands of dollars of their own money on advertising and promotion. They don’t accept, and they won’t, because they’d be proven wrong. I once tried going through the 200 flat earth proofs, and couldn’t find even one that stumped me for more than two minutes of searching on the internet or using common sense. This conspiracy would require the coercion of around 15-20 million people, and would have to include most military personnel, aviators, everyone involved in GPS from college-level up, etc., and this goes for countries across the world. My offer to pay for all the proof they’d ever need is still open.

Dangerous Helium from Space

No. This all began when a few of the top con men on youtube watched my video on the helium focus cone in the solar system, which is driven by our star’s movement through the galaxy. If we stayed still, the helium intake would stay the same, but would not be focused into a cone, and instead come in relatively evenly. There is not a “source” of this helium other than ambient space, and the direction of the helium focus cone is definitively one of the most well-studied areas of the sky (both by officials and Nibiru hunters). It is simply a function of our motion through the heavens.

I strain to imagine there are those who find the ancient stories more magical than I do- and I mean that in the best way you can think of. But this helium thing is totally bogus, the fear mongering began weeks after my video, and when our community just reaches for anything that smells like magic- and just trusts the presenter- we all end up looking insane.

I know this stuff is exciting… but that is the trap. Like selling drugs or plastic surgery or diet pills or cheating on a test… there are no shortcuts here.

Earth-Facing Solar Quiet [EFSQ]

During the last grand solar minimum and little ice age, there was a distinct deficit of sunspots and sunspot production on the earth-facing portion of the sun. The Maunder scientist team, {for whom the last grand minimum is named – Maunder Minimum} noted this clearly throughout the reduced solar activity period and even quoted in their book, that the ‘earth tends to kill sunspots.” This is not a major part of heliophysics or the mainstream lexicon because it stopped happening when the grand minimum ended and didn’t show up again until November 2011, when our own obsession with watching every image of the sun revealed similar trends. As of mid-2016, there have been hundreds of CMEs from solar flares and filament eruptions this cycle, but most have missed earth and come from the far-side or the limbs. For example, in April 2016 I counted more than 80 CMEs, and we had no significant impacts at earth.

The sunspot numbers this cycle have been extremely low. We are more than 50% down in solar flares of high magnitude, geomagnetic events, SEP events, etc., but we continue to see eruptive activity in non-earth-facing directions. This is one of many things that make us believe the next grand minimum is at our doorstep. There is a ton of information of the EFSQ in the premium content – hours of discussion and multiple Deeper Look videos. Whatever the cause, it MUST be something that also happened 400 years ago, and likely on that 400 year cycle [roughly] going back through time. —Ben ‘S0’

The sun images look like CGI and many people say those are fake images

The same way a camera captures the visible light spectrum (would you call a digital camera CGI?) and the same way an X-ray machine can read the x-ray light that bounces off your bones (is that CGI?) we have UV and X-ray cameras pointed at the sun. The color is 100% fake, but honestly, it is VERY helpful with coronal holes and sunspot magnetism. These images are generated by a computer in the same way a digital camera, night vision goggles, x-ray machines, nIR vascular devices, or any other camera uses a computer these days. No, there is no flash, negative, water processing with sun images… but they are 100% real, and can be verified with a $5 welding lens (sunspots) and an h-alpha filter on a cheap telescope (everything else). 1000s of people verify satellite images this way every day all over the world; they can’t fake a thing.


Both are real, but our community has so righteously bungled the exposure that the topic is a mess. 90% of chemtrail videos and photos you see online are not chemtrails… just normal contrails enhanced by extra moisture, electricity, and cosmic particles. Not a single blip on radar is weather mod technology and that fact was WELL established even before the 1998 NEXRAD HAARP Hoax…. ya, google that one and see that people are plugging the same playbook now. Oddly, it appears that the majority of the nonsense information obfuscating the real attempts to expose/stop weather modification comes from… the people doing it! It is the only way to make this topic appear crazy…. just feed the crazy to the people and let them spit it back out on the internet. Chemtrails are real, and so is weather modification (that’s why rain dances worked) but almost nothing you find online is ‘valuable information’ and the topic is so troll-heavy that I only discuss it here on the website, under the premium content. I can HIGHYL recommend you read ‘Skyception’ online – all three chapters – and you ignore most of what you see from Geoengineeringwatch and Chemtrailsplanet — nobody makes us look uninformed like they do. These sentiments were mirrored and applauded by the creator of ‘What in the world are they spraying’ when I said them at the Conscious Life Expo in 2015 — he was sitting 2 seats down from me on stage.

2016 Deeper Look episode 64 is helpful here, along with the link to a relevant episode of FOTW—Ben ‘S0’

Radar rings or Beams

Part of the dual polar radar system. They almost never put it in place worldwide because it is so powerful it can cause excitations in vapor that are meaningless for weather, but which show up as rings or beams on radar, often causing a block deletion of the frame due to ‘bad data’ which looks like an empty rectangle. They thought people would get confused and the radar would begin to cause fear among the populous. In the end, they decided its better tornado/hail/rain forecasting was worth it… and the internet did exactly what they were afraid of. They discussed this in the early 90s. It was 1998 when the first “NEXRAD harp hoax” came out… you should google that, by the way. Today many continue plugging the same hoax for clicks and views. Many aspects of weather mod are real… but this specific one is pushed on our community as a major psy-op because it is not real. Well, at least not anything scary or evil. It only is meant to make us sound like paranoid loons.

Earthquake Predictions

Everything about what we do can be found at SpaceWeatherNews.com/SPF and SpaceWeatherNews.com/challenge – but there is also an absurd, ongoing, one-sided fight about the location-aspect of the process. We have primarily used OLR, earthspots, and other aspects of the global electric circuit in the past, and are now beginning to integrate Blot’s energy transmigration as well – where deep quakes trigger shallower ones. This comes as a few observers have taken on the task of vetting the now 40-year-old science of transmigration and found much merit, as have other forecasters around the world. Each puts their own spin on the body of work surrounding transmigration, including the mainstream! ( http://science.sciencemag.org/content/353/6304/1133 ) However, there is one man (who can’t seem to stop getting in fights with people on the internet) who claims that not only do we steal his earthquake forecasts, but that he invented the transmigration science last year! He gives no credit to Blot or the other people using the basic system, and there is nothing secretive about the process – you see a big quake very deep, and then you forecast the shallower one. Everyone who does this sees the big quake deep and then makes the forecast – and yet he claims ownership over this topic when others have been doing it for decades. I have always given credit to Blot, to the observers who brought it up again, and to those who have had success with it world-wide, even that clown who thinks he owns it. He is fighting a battle by himself. This is the 2nd post EVER I have initiated on this matter. Total time invested on our side in the fight – 8 minutes. That not withstanding, most of the time we actually beat him to the punch – which does not mean he steals from us it just means he can read english – and he’s never done any of the other things that have demonstrated veracity and merit over time using the sun and GEC. Silly topic, moving on. -Ben ’S0’

CERN/LHC Causing anything bad-

We debunked this in late 2015 in the Deeper Look section of Suspicious0bservers.org , the video is called “Irrational ConCERN”. Apart from the math and physics, which prove the fields can’t get out of the ring, and if they did would weaken to nothing by the time they hit Spain, let alone the whole globe. When you hear that the collider is 100,000 or even 1 million times stronger than earth’s field, that is at the point where the field is generated, and since at every given point the earth’s field is only about as strong as a refrigerator magnet, they can make incredible claims about strength. A tiny neodymium magnet you can buy for $10 is twice as powerful as earth’s field near the magnet, but does that mean the magnet is twice as strong as the entire field of earth? Can it affect the planet? Of course not. Just like the toy magnet, CERN is confined to its ring, and is only super powerful if you are close to it. BUT FORGET PHYSICS AND MATH — where are the hurricanes in the mediteranian? The megaquakes and volcanos in Italy and Greece? Unless the power grids drop, cell phones become useless, and everyone in Europe with a pacemaker is dead, followed by those storms and seismic events, you can be sure they didn’t use CERN for anything but fraudulent mainstream crap-physics. The “match-up” of events and timing of CERN use is not real, and the two guys fraudulently screwing with data to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE they are happening at the same time know exactly they are doing. —Ben ‘S0’

Nibiru/Planet X –

This is a story that is half true and half hoax. The true story appears to be the ancient accounts of a crossing planet, and probably the stories of beings coming down from the sky, although it is not at all clear if they were from the crossing planet or another sphere of that system, or from another place altogether. The false story is what has been promulgated every year since the early 2000s by those who would take advantage of those with open minds. Nothing is coming now, and we’d see it coming long before it got to Pluto. Here are some important points about the whole story…

In 2003 Nancy Leader convinced people to drown or otherwise kill their pets to avoid them suffering when Nibiru arrived. The story was repeated without the pet murder every year, with updated doom dates predicted, until 2011 when they began using the anomalous comet Elenin to claim the planet system was in our own solar system and about to ‘come around the sun into view.” In 2012 they used the mayan calendar dates and now they are in their 4th year (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) of using the same story of a coming planet system with a new updated doom date predicted. Same story, slightly tweaked each year for the new followers. When you are inside that vortex it is impossible to see past it, and that is understandable, but realize that we’ve been responding in this exact way to people who feared imminent doom for years now — still waiting.

How do I know nothing is coming? The moment anything of significant size hit the heliosphere we’d know about it. Both it and the sun would light up like the 4th of July when their magnetic bubbles touched and plasma began exchanging. It would look like the sun and outer planets were doing battle with lightning bolts… just like our ancestors described. We’d also see planets and moons out of place, something we see no evidence of now. If we saw the lightning show tomorrow, it would be dozens to 100s of years before the system got past Saturn. Every change we see is energetic, and can ALL be tied back to the 400 year solar cycle and the magnetic reversal of earth. Having both of those resetting now is bad enough of a cosmic coincidence… we don’t need imaginary planets that defy physics coming in and scaring you as well. Nothing is coming, nothing is here. There is no such thing as a dark star – those absorb light only absorb a bit – they would be super bright near another star like our sun. The 2nd sun images are ALL camera effects or intentional hoaxes. I showed this simply in a deeper look episode called “The 2nd sun doesn’t care about palm trees” — where I showed how to create the 2nd sun image with any simple camera, and how to overlay it on something like a palm tree so you know it is a camera effect rather than a 2nd sun shining through a palm tree. Think about the videos you see of a ‘planet rising at the antarctic horizon… if you are at the bottom of the world and something is coming directly up from the south, it would appear in the top of the sky… the horizon of the polar region is above the equator of earth, where everyone can see. Those hoaxers did a great job with their digital imagery, but a bad job with their geography.

Under the Observing the Frontier section, find the video “A Planet Crossed” — it is a full accounting of where an open mind can explore the issue without going too overboard into unsubstantiated fears. —Ben ‘S0’

Anything involving the MIMIC microwave charts-

This is an unfortunate topic. The charts are very useful for some satellite and climate research, but to work they have to overlap and work with outages and be so sensitive that even a small burst transmitter can make a big signal on it if it is pointed in the right direction. Most of the anomalies seen here are supposed to be seen and were communicated to the public as being part of the process of getting the output they eventually needed. Nothing involving this chart is ever scary, especially since the only times we’ve ever seen an anomaly near signifiant weather the storm either peters out or changes course away from land – maybe just a coincidence. The sad part is there are only a few big names that show these things and I’ve known them for years – they all know the information about MIMIC and chose to get clicks and views over delivering the best information – I think you can probably recognize that in their video title sensationalism. There are plenty of weather conspiracies one may get behind, but not this one