Update: 5:45pm Eastern Time: Short update tonight. Another video going on YouTube later.

Earthquake Condition Index: B-
These spaceweather impacts (see video) are stronger than I expected, and stronger than they initially presented in the solar wind. The initial prognosis was sound based on the telemetry, but now the solar wind telemetry has changed… Ramp expected to B, B+, and maybe A- in the coming 7 days.

PLEASE SEE TODAY’s FOTW — you will understand how I knew so certainly that NOAA/NASA were incorrect in the prediction of their timing. To prove this, it is now showing to be much more powerful than I initially predicted… and it still arrived within our predicted timeframe, and while you may not think a 12 hour difference between their guess and mine is a big deal… it is 20-25% of the total time of CME-travel, and makes all the difference in the world when it comes to any danger from the CME.