Deeper Look – Episode 39

Basic Information on Some Common Topics of Discussion:

HAARP – Here’s my issue: it was a secret for a long time, and then in a short period of time they let books, tv shows, and Jesse Ventura tell the world how evil and scary it is. Does that sound like a distraction to you? Because to me, it seems like they handed us an enemy on a silver platter and we ate it up. Modern weather modification involved Low Frequency or satellite laser technology whereas HAARP is HF. Also, HAARP requires auroras which are only found near the poles, and which cannot interact with other parts of the world through chemtrails. Chemtrails are aluminum oxide, and while aluminum is a conductor, the oxide is an insulator. LITERALLY EVERY WORD ABOUT THEM ‘USING CHEMTRAILS WITH HAARP’ IS A COMPLETE LIE. You must realize that to hide their actions, they hand us lies that sound sensational so that nobody will take us seriously. When they moved to the modern systems they needed to distract us – they chose HAARP, don’t fall for it.

Chemtrails – Read Skyception (A special video on this topic alone will be coming soon).

Earth-facing Solar Quiet – Yes, the sun seems to erupt more often away from earth than towards it. The earth-facing 1/4 of the sun has significantly fewer and weaker flares/CME than each of the other longitudinal quadrants. Why this is happening is a mystery, but we know that the Maunders witnessed the same phenomenon as the last grand minimum was setting in. It didn’t happen again until November 2011, when we began reporting the trend. It is one of a number of ways we know the sun is about to take a multi-decade-long nap. As for a cause, it is not human use of electricity or chemtrail spraying, because this is likely the same event as what the Maunders saw in the 1600s, when we were in a different age. This appears to be a cyclical event. The pattern also rules out an incoming object because of the reliable rate of occurrences over just a few hundred years.

CERN – From a scientific standpoint, the fear is all about an article talking about how CERN makes a magnetic field stronger than the earth. So does a tiny toy magnet – if you measure 1cm away from it. But at 1 foot away the toy has almost no detectable effect, it is certainly not a stronger magnet than earth, and it cannot effect our field. CERN is quite a bit stronger than the toy, but still a tiny thing compared to the earth – CERN can’t touch Spain, let alone the entire planet or magnetic field. MRI machines make stronger fields than CERN. The #1 proponent of this fearmongering is a man who routinely pushes false topics like stargates and doom from comets. His current name is BPearthwatch, but his previous channel was MrCometwatch, where he did all these things to a previous group of people before they got wise and forced him to shut down his channel. Now he is back under a whole new name; he had at least 2 channels prior to MrC where he did the same thing. How can he get away with it? Click Here.