Update: 5:40pm Eastern Time:

FIRST AND FOREMOST: USA RESIDENTS, ARE YOU IN A STORM WATCH RIGHT NOW? Check that… then come back here – the convergence is making some major noise right now. Use the wind map and then check the radar – You will be shocked how easy this is to understand 🙂

Earthquake Condition Index B to B+
The coronal hole is still geoeffective, but of moderate power only. We are about 24 hours from the Mercury/Sun conjunction. Spaceweather has been mild/moderate, including small shocks of indiscernible origin. In the video below, and noting the past day’s condition indices, note how easy it is to see when the quakes are coming, and how easily the power tells you how big the quakes can be. Looking ahead to May, the primary planetary geometry of the spring occurs May 9-11, 2014 when Mars and Venus enter geocentric opposition, and Saturn and the Sun do the same; coronal holes of significant force during this time could mean very large earthquakes.