Update: 5:30pm Eastern Time: This video is also available on YouTube due to important solar/earth events — but your version does not have any advertisements, so watch here, but feel free to converse in the comment section about the condition index and U-Yen ramp-up… this is a tremendous example we had here today.

Earthquake Condition Index B to B+: From the news this morning, we knew we wouldn’t stay in the positive influence all day but the 7 pointer happened faster than expected, likely due to an U-Yen-like ramp (which also produced the tropical storm intensification). The watch is elevated now on the coronal holes and incoming plasma.

U-Yen Candidate #5 : Click “Storms” Above on the menu bar.

Solar Notes: We knew that this layout of sunspots would not stay silent forever, but this was an awakening for the books – out of nowhere the leading active region lost a plasma filament beneath it, and was unable to maintain that leading systems magnetics on the southern solar hemisphere – and it erupted violently, surging the solar surface across an region big enough to fit all the planets of our system. The CME will impact earth within the next 3 days. More flaring is likely, but the spots are spinning towards the departing limb and will be more of the polar radiation concerns than for geo-effective CMEs.