Update: 3:20pm Eastern Time:

RE: The Tour Schedule for the Mobile Observatory Project —

There will be approximately 75 official stops at reserved locations over the next year (from tour start date), across the United States and Canada, but we will have numerous informal stops along the way. For example you won’t find these on the list: Alamosa, Fort Wayne, Savannah – but we’ll be in town passing through and will keep everyone apprised of schedules on this site, YouTube, twitter, and Facebook. If you can make the official gatherings, terrific, if not, we’ll be all over along the way. As of now, not even the first date of the tour is confirmed.

TENTATIVE — I cannot stress this enough: TENTATIVE tour schedule is here

WANT TO BE A PART OF THE PROCESS? Public parks, preferably at the community level, make great venues for what we want. Community parks are usually cheapest to rent. Optimally there would be a pavilion or shelter in case it rains. I am about to begin the long process of nailing down venues – and obviously you know your area more than me. We need venues in every city above… please send emails to ben@observatoryproject.com and use the subject line “Picnic Pavillion _____” with your city/state in the space afterwards. I’d love some help finding good, safe, and ample facilities for us to have a nice day chatting, inside or outside, with the local community members.