Update: 7:50pm Eastern Time:

Earthquake Condition Index B-
The southern coronal hole is still active tonight, but in the coming days we’ll see no coronal holes, no planetary geometry, and only some minor spaceweather in the form of the coronal hole stream. The areas that have been active should obviously be concerned about aftershocks… or worse – but on the whole this uptick came late and shouldn’t stick around too much longer.

Solar Notes: The northern sunspots have (lead) no complexity whatsoever, and (trailing) some complexity but smaller umbras and a quiet record thus far. The incoming spots down south are significantly more active, but we still have not seen an M or X flare from them. With such a mess of mangled umbral cores we are almost certain to see delta spots… but then again I’ve thought that before and the charge toward solar grand minimum has proven me wrong at least twice in the past!!