Update: 6:00pm Eastern Time: Take note of the index explanation tonight

Earthquake Condition Index B-
I have no idea what happened to the 2nd half of yesterday’s index explanation, but we have now taken unusual location rumbles in France, Antarctica, the Dominican Republic, and now, Idaho (see video). The watch level could have been major this round, but a lack of power forced a stagnation of the condition index at this moderate level. I am happy to report that we indeed appear to have taken an usual-location uptick rather than one of tremendous magnitude, HOWEVER, the condition index remains elevated and the coronal holes are still on the earth facing 1/4 of the disk. Spaceweather is not expected to be a factor except that a coronal hole stream from the current openings is on the way – should be minor. Mars is operative in the factors for another 2 days or so; Mars oppositions are very rare, while Mercury and venus quickly zip around the sun having conjunctions, the out planets move slow enough to have a conjunction with the earth almost every year! However, due to Mars’ speed, we have ~25 months between oppositions… making it one of the most rare simple geocentric alignments in the entire solar system! (most people, even those who follow the planets, do not consider the Mars opposition to be this rare)