Update: 8:05pm Eastern Time: 8.0 Earthquake in Chile – Disaster. Updates coming.

Update: 7:05pm Eastern Time: Space Weather and Earthquake Condition Index

Earthquake Condition Index: B
The coronal holes are facing earth – spaceweather impact imminent. If the CMEs were strong enough to have arrived already or the coronal hole was stronger the watch would be higher.

Solar Notes: The sun continues defying it’s sunspot cycle (and often the daily sunspot number) in a potential spiral towards another solar grand minimum. The sunspots appear ready to complex and flare at any time, but that has been the case for almost two years. Who knows… the sun may surprise us, but as another day goes buy where an X1 flare (not that significant in the scheme of solar maximum) is still talked about as recent major flaring and I see articles worrying about a major blackout. The filaments don’t even want to cause trouble, they slink back into the plasma or release way North/south. Where are my gloves?