AGENDA 21 Counterstrike – Chapter 4: The Essence of Control

GOAL: to give you the fastest summary of why there is a strong opposition to the current US educational-readiness model of Common Core, while framing the global and historical importance of similar inequitable levels of access to proper education.

Whereas the preceding chapters of this series present as logical and unbiased of a position as I could based on the evidence. This chapter is different, I will make no ambiguity about my opinion on this matter. I am against the current Common Core Standards, on both procedural and substantive grounds.

Introduction: Is education a tool of the class system?

There are literally hundreds of videos online about Common Core…
I have literally watched hundreds of videos online about Common Core…

I find my heart pulled-most by the mothers and teachers who stand up against this new system, but for the purposes of this series, it is VITAL to look to the most qualified experts. I was determined to keep my goal of not taking-up too much of your time while still giving an accurate and broad context for the matter at hand, therefore, in my opinion, the following video contains what I believe to be the most important 10 minutes of discourse clipped together from 4 of the most-important people you can hear on this topic:

Between the short introduction and the quoted speakers, what are the important points?

1) If education seems like a tool of the class system, aimed to keep the mass-public at the ‘most-useful’ levels of intelligence, experience, and knowledge – you may be correct, and it appears that has been true for a long time.
2) The substantive elements of Common Core do not meet the standards of College Readiness prescribed by many of the most-qualified to define the term.
3) The current system was not open, is not final, may not have been adopted under correct procedures, and may be unconstitutional in its requirements… we don’t even know who make the final calls… or will be making the calls.
4) There may be additional privacy concerns…

At the bottom of this page, please find all the citations for this chapter, along with many more resources to dive deeper on this specific topic. For those who would like a bit more personal opinion on the non-substantive elements addressed in this chapter, here is a FOTW-style discussion on the constitutionally and data systems associated with Common Core:

Special Thanks to the New York Public Library Digital Gallery for the free open access to their beautiful images. You do a great service.

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