AGENDA 21 Counterstrike – Chapter 3: Follow the Money

Chapter 2 indicated that this chapter would focus on the Wildlands Project, and it will, to a degree. At some point in the investigation of the Wildlands Project I found it necessary to vastly expand the analysis.

GOAL: to give you the fastest summary of where the money is going, in terms of things related to Agenda 21, that is possible without compromising the main points to be taken. As always, you can’t learn everything here.

We begin with the Wildlands Project and see where the situation unfolds from there…

What did we see here? That map we are all worried about is a dormant plan as-is, but may be being implemented step by step in an effort to circumvent the larger political process through wide-spread/small-scale funding. It is becoming important to recall previous chapters to build on that knowledge.

This document shows the $22 Billion slotted for different climate change expenditures.
Federal Climate Change Expenditures
1) Only ~$2.5 Billion is directly related to research; much more of these expenditures are things like tax credits for compliance (~10x the amount for research).
2) It is almost unfair to quote the $22 Billion number, because that is just the USA. The real numbers worldwide could be double or more.

 *The large purple piece of the funder pie is ‘other/non-traceable’ funding.

The sides, simplified:

UN/Agenda 21/ IPCC/CO2 GW/Government  –  vs  –  Big Oil, Coal, Energy/Wall Street/Monsanto


I want to officially leave this chapter “open” – I hope you have a general idea of the sides of the battle (or at least the apparent sides). Keeping in mind the latter, and the dangers of aisle-dwelling described in the 2nd video, I would like to suggest that there is merit in choosing neither side. That is where I stand now. I am left unable to answer my own question… what do you do when none of the options look good? -Ben Davidson (December 23, 2013)

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