AGENDA 21 Counterstrike – Chapter 2: Existing Opposition

Goal: To get you QUICKLY up to speed on the opposition points to Agenda 21; clearly, as most websites like this one state, you can’t learn everything here…

The following is a “Fly-on-the-Wall” style discussion of the preceding material:

Researcher’s Advice: The best way to approach learning about agenda 21 (and any other topic) from internet videos is to keep the following questions in mind:

1) Who is speaking?
2) Who stands to benefit from what is being said?
3) Is this stance far to one side or finding a middle ground?

The 2012 Rep Platform PDF:
Vancouver Action Plan:
Dems Against A21:
End of The American Dream:
NYT Ginsburg Fact-check:
Elites Quotes on Population Control:
Galt Report:
TedTalk with Bill Gates:

CHAPTER 3 – Follow the Money
CHAPTER 4 – The Essence of Control