Deeper Look – Episode 45

Part Three – Clarifying the Timelines (Including a new animation from Xaviar)

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What is the REAL factor at play here? The length of the current period. We know for a fact that the rate of weakening this century is strongly ahead of the last period, we just don’t know how long this period lasts. Our first period is 250 years, then 150 years, then 10 years… but does it stop at ten years? Will it end up being a 50 year period? That is what we can not know, and what we WOULD know if the 2015 geomagnetic update gave us the same level of information we had in previous years. They did not give us a new “% down” number and they did not tell us how much the trends have accelerated, if at all.

All we know is that in 2010 their number was 15% down since 1850. We know the weakening actually began in 1600 so it is actually closer to 17% in 2010. At very least we should be at 20% down now, and that is if the field has stabilized the rate of weakening.

By the way… did anyone else notice that SWARM has failed to offer public updates since June 2014? I have sent about 8 emails to no avail.