Deeper Look – Episode 65

This video has ties to Starwater, and to our imaginations. Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are a great mystery, and we love a great mystery. Nobody knows what they are or why the events surrounding their discovery have played out as they have. One explanation is that FRBs have an intelligent origin, and while that topic is not readily touched on the site or the YouTube channel, it is a vital piece of the Starwater afterthoughts, and something that every human should be prepared for at some point – the existence of life outside the earth.

This is our first attempt at doing a green screen recording‚Ķ which I learned out also means adjusting sound, lighting, editing, etc. We had hoped for better sound but we know how to fix it in the future, until then – enjoy the first of many, and let your mind run with that “huh?” feeling it gets about halfway through the video: